Through more than 1.000 LCD screens in hundreds of office buildings, AMG screens thas expanded to premium offices commercial areas such as the primary area of CBD and surroundings in Jakarta and other big cities such as Bandung and Surabaya. Placed in outside elevators and inside elevators they are viewed by hundreds of thousand people daily.


Apartments become one of the alternative way of simple living in the urban area. By placing hundreds of LCD screen in the apartments become one of the strategic communication to reach people who lives in the apartment. Most of the people who live in the apartment is the right target to build awareness for a product. We have more than 500.000 viewer in daily basis.


Going to the hospital is a need for everybody. Healthcare is part of everybody’s lives. Realizing of that needs, AMG installed hundreds of LED in hospitals, especially in the high traffic area such as waiting room, cashier, and elevators. Hospital is one of the place where we can easily build the awareness for a product.