Our Milestone

Visionaries Behind The Screen

Davy Makimian

Having engaged himself in the field of property, manufacturing and IT for more than a decade, Davy Makimian is the Chief Executive Officer of Alternative Media Group. He earned his Bachelor Degree from Bond University Australia and pursued his Master Degree in Management and International Relationship.

Megain Widjaja

Obtained his Bachelor of Finance & Accounting from Seattle University, USA. Prior to founding Alternative Media Group, he work in Washington DC, USA as Financial Analysis who involved in financial systems. He was employed by an Investment Company, named Wealth Management Firm. He is now in Alternative Media Group as Technical Advisor.

Jimmy Lizardo

A Doctor Candidate of Research & Management. He is the founder of PT. Global Solusi Komunikasi (Msolving) focusing on services of Advertising Agency. Prior to his expertise in the media specialist, he started his Career in Alternative Media Group in 2013 as Chief Operation Officer.

Grace Makimian

Earned Diploma in Food & Beverage Management from the National Hotel Institute in Bandung. She worked for several years in General Contractor & Supplier company before joining a property company. In 2009, she joined Alternative Media Group as Chief Financial Officer.

Kenneth Makimian

Earned his Masters Degree from Bond University, Australia and engaged in the business sector fornearly 20 years. He started his career in Alternative Media Group as Chief of Technology & Information.

Gigain Widjaja

Earned Bachelor Degree in Business & Finance from Seattle University, USA in 2009. He started his career in Alternative Media Group in 2012 as
Chief of Partnership.